Kate’s expertise includes team building and management; budgeting and scheduling; accounting and reporting; overall business planning and oversight.

Kate began her film & TV career on the admin side, learning from some of Canada’s biggest and best Producers. She worked as Accountant, Auditor, Production Manager. She's also been part of the on-set family, in every capacity from craft service to First Assistant Director. Kate has worked on more than 25 features, shorts, and TV series, both drama and doc. 

Kate’s career includes her first produced feature film screening at Toronto International Film Festival then airing on CBC and Super Channel. She’s line-produced factual programming for Discovery. 

In 1994, she and writer/director Norm Fassbender founded Blue Sky Communications, where they produced many award-winning live-action projects. She’s served on several industry boards including the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association and Film And Video Arts Alberta.

Kate and Norm co-founded Rantdog Animation Studios in 2001 ( where she’s overseen production of over 100 cartoon shorts, 400 panel comics, and a Graphic Novel. RAS’s award winning cartoons have been distributed on TV worldwide, and online, on channels like Comedy Central and Funny Or Die. They’ve also appeared in dozens of festivals all over the world, including Los Angeles Comedy Shorts, DC Shorts (Washington), San Francisco Independent, CineGlobe Science (Cern, Switzerland), and 5 years at the Dragon*Con Film Festival (Atlanta).



Norm’s media experience ranges from writing and directing animated shorts to producing “City of Champions”, a feature film chosen by the French Government as part of an 80 year retrospective of Canadian Cinema. Norm began his career as a television news film editor at CTV & CBC. He then jumped into the freelance world to work on hundreds of dramas, animated shorts, arts documentaries, commercials and industrials.  

Rantdog Animation Studios (RAS) is a world-class 2D animation house, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Norm Fassbender (writer/director), Kate Holowach (Producer/Story Editor) and Ron Lamarre (Head Animator) lead a small team of animators. RAS has created over 100 cartoon shorts, 600 panel comics and a Graphic Novel. Over the course of their careers Norm, Kate and Ron have worked for, or with, a variety of clients and broadcasters. These include CBC, Bravo, Discovery, Atlantis, Warner Brothers, Nelvana, Hanna Barbera, SBS Australia, Network Irish Television. 

RAS comedy projects include: the Original Rantdog “Burning Issues of the Day” Cartoons; “Voo Doo Sex Talk” (a Voodoo Doll & a Unicorn offer radio callers the world's worst sex advice); “ZOTTSODOD” (While on a family picnic Rantdog saves the world from Tar Zombies); "Rantdog's Top Ten Zombies - EVER!" (Rantdog defends his favourite undead); and “House of Mumba” (our Voodoo doll and Jordy Joltz have different ideas on how to do house renovations). 

RAS also created "War Child - Chapter One" a short animation based a small section of Emmanuel Jal's acclaimed book, “War Child - A Child Soldier’s Story”. 

Norm, Kate and Ron’s productions have appeared in over a 100 festivals all over the world, including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival, the Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Festival, DC Shorts (Washington), the CineGlobe Science Film Festival (Cern, Switzerland), and the Dragon*Con Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia).



35 years of animation experience in tv & film. From concept art & storyboards to completed animation.

Ron has worked on a wide variety of projects, including; Rantdog, Teenaged Mutant Turtles, Care Bears, Dennis the Menace, Teddy Ruxpin, The Raccoons, Arthur, Caillou and many others. He has worked in both the classical pencil and paper animation world as well as digital. He enjoys working on projects that cover topics that raise social awareness and have a positive impact on environmental issues. He wants the projects to entertain and educate at the same time.



Chris is a film and video editor who has been working professionally in film and theatre for more than twenty years. From 2009 to 2012, Chris attended the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine to study advanced editing. Working with highly respected instructors such as Academy Award nominee, Donn Cambern, (Easy Rider, The Bodyguard) allowed Chris to step up his technical editing and storytelling skills to the next level. His editing career includes a variety of projects from short films to student features, as well as industrial web videos, and a variety of promotional material. 

Chris currently works as editor for animation, working with on the initial storyboards to the final delivery.  Chris is a multitalented artist. He has been a successful actor, voice artist, theatre producer, and sound-designer.


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